Life Insurance 

Life insurance is designed to give you peace of mind that your loved ones will be financially supported should the unthinkable happen.  
Not everyone needs life insurance, however if you have dependents who rely on you to cover the mortgage and other living expenses, then it really is something you might seriously consider. Monthly premiums vary depending on individual circumstances and our advisers can support you in choosing the most appropriate level of cover and type of policy. 

Critical Illness Cover 

Critical Illness Cover is a long-term policy which covers specific serious illnesses. Depending on the terms of your individual policy, if you get one of these illnesses, a critical illness policy can pay out a lump sum benefit to the policy holder. 
The types of illnesses covered will be set out in the details of the policy, so it's important to be fully aware and ensure it covers your needs. Monthly payments will depend on a range of factors such as age, whether you are a smoker/ non-smoker, your current health, family health history and in some cases your occupation.  
Our advisers can discuss your requirements with you to ensure you choose the most appropriate level of cover for your individual circumstances. 
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