We understand you may have lots of questions about your mortgage and protection requirements. Here are the answers to some of them. If you would like to chat further with one of our advisers, please get in touch. 
What is a mortgage? 
A mortgage, also known as a mortgage loan, is an agreement between you (the borrower) and a mortgage lender to buy or refinance a home without having all the cash to pay for it upfront 
What is a mortgage adviser? 
A professional individual, regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FCA). Their role is to work with the client to find the most suitable, competitive mortage product to meet their requirements. Find out more here. 
How much can I borrow? 
Different lenders have different criteria. The amount you can borrow will be determined by the purchase price of the property, the deposit you are able to put down, your income and monthly expenses. 
How does the process work? 
Click here for more infromation on the property buying and mortgage process. 
What are the fees involved? 
Please see our Customer Scope of Advice for more information. 
What if I have bad credit? 
Our advisers have experience of working with adverse credit and may be able to work with specific lenders who may consider this. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 
What is an AIP? 
Click here for more infromation about obtaining an Agreement in Principle. 
What does LTV mean? 
Loan to Value. This is is the ratio of the loan to the value of the property. For example, if you borrowed £150,000 to buy a property worth £200,000, the LTV would be 150,000/200,000 = 75%. The remaining 25% is your equity. 
Can you help with Buy to Lets? 
Yes this is something we can discuss with you. 
What is interest only? 
An interest-only mortgage means you are just paying the interest on the mortgage each month. You need to pay back the full loan at the end of the ‘term’. This is different to a repayment mortgage where part of the loan plus interest is paid off each month. 
What documents will I need? 
Click here to see the documentation you may need to collate. 
How long does a mortgage last? 
There is no definitive answer to this as it depends upon your individual requirements. The longer the mortgage term, the lower your monthly repayments are likely to be. 
What if my application is declined? 
This may happen on occasion, however we can work with you to look at alternative lenders. 
Can you recommend an estate agent? 
Yes we can - we work closely with trusted partners and do not receive any comission for such referrals. Click here 
Do I need to take out insurances? 
Your mortgage lender will insist buildings insurance is in place as you move into your new home. Home insurance combines buildings and contents insurance to cover your most valuable asset. We would recommend that when you take out a large debt, you should also consider speaking to your adviser about protection insurance (life insurance, critical illness cover & income protection). Click here for more information. 
What is inflation? 
In simple terms, inflation is the general rise in the cost of living (the price of goods and services in an economy), over a given period of time. How quickly these prices go up, is known as the 'rate of inflation'. For example, if a loaf of bread costs £1.00, but then increases to £1.12 the following year, the annual inflation would be 12%. For more information visit the Bank of England's inflation calculator. 
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