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Can I get Children’s Critical Illness Cover separately? 
Children’s critical illness cover claims are on the increase according to some recent claim statistics from UK insurers. When a child is diagnosed with a critical illness, the financial impact upon the family can be tremendous and can have huge implications for the parents if time off work is required, along with additional childcare for other siblings, extra fuel costs, potential modifications to the home, or even perhaps considering treatment abroad. 
With many providers, Children’s Critical Illness Cover is only available as a benefit as part of an adult critical illness cover policy, however there are now a couple of exceptions. 

Protection from Guardian 

Guardian now offer separate Child Critical Illness Cover alongside a different core adult cover such as life insurance or income protection. As monthly premiums for adult CI cover can often be a barrier for many clients, this can offer a cost-effective way of protecting your children. 
The cost of life insurance or income protection will depend on the client’s individual circumstances (e.g. age, lifestyle, medical conditions), the premium for life insurance will still be lower than for adult critical illness cover. 
For example: 
A 30 year old male client (non-smoker) could take £100,000 of life cover for 25 years with Guardian and include £25,000 Child CI Cover for a total of £9.79 per month (subject to underwriting) 
Quote obtained from Assureweb on 05/06/2023 
Guardian’s Children’s Critical Illness Cover can be added to any adult cover at a cost of £4.59 per £25,000 of cover.  
This coverage is from birth until their 23rd birthday.  
The children’s cover can be removed from the policy at any time, however is cannot be added back on.  
Children do not have to be named – this will apply to any eligible children (including natural, step-children, legally adopted and legal guardianship children). 
Client’s are able to chosen a sum assured of between £10,000 and £100,000 – the sum assured of the children’s cover cannot exceed the sum assured of the adult cover. 
Claims may be declined if before the start of the policy if: 
• the client was aware of an increased risk of the child suffering the condition before the start of the policy (e.g. accessing medical advice) 
• either parents received medical advice about the child being affected by the condition 
• the child was already suffering from or had been diagnosed with the condition before the start of the policy 
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